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Saying a Fond, Personal Goodbye to NME‘s Print Edition – Noisey, March 2018

There Actually Is a Way to Balance Feminism and Problematic Faves – Noisey, March 2018

Soccer Mommy’s Clean Is Equal Parts Exorcism and Reflection – Noisey, March 2018

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The Buzz for Arctic Monkeys’ Live Comeback Proves They’re Timeless – Noisey, January 2018

Snail Mail’s Lindsey Jordan Is Ready to Fucking Shred – Noisey, January 2018

The Spook School Aren’t Scared of the Intimacy of Being Sincere – Noisey, January 2018

Charli XCX’s ‘Pop 2’ Subverts Everything About Music for the Masses – Noisey, January 2018

‘Pop Idol’ Fucked the Music Industry Up Forever in 2002 – Noisey, November 2017

British Pop Hit Its Endearingly Crap Peak with Girls Aloud – Noisey, November 2017

Phoebe Bridgers Breathes Life into the Blue Nuance of Being – Noisey, November 2017

A Brief History of a Department Store Christmas Advert Ruining Music – Noisey, November 2017

Who Is the Real Asahd Khaled? – Noisey, October 2017

First Hate Are Dream-Like in Their ‘A Prayer for the Unemployed’ Video – Noisey, October 2017

Zac Farro Goes from Paramore to the Beach on His HALFNOISE Project – Noisey, October 2017

Being a Britney Spears Stan Means Understanding that Your Fave Is Human – Noisey, September 2017

‘Gaga: Five Foot Two’ Is an Intimate Portrait of a Star We Thought We Knew – Noisey, September 2017

Superfood’s “Unstoppable” is the Soundtrack to Your Next Messy Night – Noisey, September 2017

No Dogs Were Harmed in the Making of Charly Bliss’ “DQ” Video – Noisey, August 2017

The VICE Interview: Charlotte Crosby – VICE UK, July 2017

I Ranked Every Single Boy from Charli XCX’s “Boys” – Noisey, July 2017

The ‘Punk Goes…’ Series Sucks and I Love It – Noisey, July 2017

The VICE Interview: Julia Stiles – VICE UK, June 2017

On Youth, Pain and ‘Melodrama’ – Noisey, June 2017

I Went on a First Date with Jack Antonoff and It Got Deep – Noisey, May 2017

How Britney Breathed Life Back Into the Las Vegas Residency – Noisey, May 2017

A Guy’s Guide to Skincare By a Girl Who Really, Really Just Wants to Help – ShortList, May 2017

Don’t Call It a Comeback: the Pop Resurrections that Rivalled that of Christ Himself – Noisey, April 2017

This is What Queer Art Looked Like When ‘Homosexual’ Meant ‘Criminal’ – VICE UK, April 2017

What the Dogs of Crufts are Fed By Their Owners – VICE UK, March 2017

Stefflon Don is the Boujie Star That British Rap Needs – Noisey, March 2017

Ariana Grande Isn’t Actually Your Little Plaything – Noisey, February 2017

Behold My Unsolicited Advice on How to Improve Pop Star Perfumes – Noisey, January 2017

I Found The Meaning of Life at an ABBA-Themed Club Night – Noisey, January 2017

The Unbearable Baitness of Drake: A Photo-by-Photo Instagram Analysis – Noisey, January 2017

Rihanna’s “Work” Is the Love Song that Saved Me in 2016 – Noisey, December 2016

From Moist Dishcloth to Swaggering Motherlover: The Transformation of Bruno Mars – Noisey, November 2016

7 Bands Bringing Queerness and Camp Back to Punk – The FADER, July 2016

Daddy Lessons: Beyoncé, Sylvia Plath and the Cultural Canon of Women’s Pain – Polyester Zine, May 2016

Watching The X Factor is the Modern Equivalent of Cheering When A Gladiator Gets Garrotted in the Neck – VICE UK, December 2015

A Guide To Living In London by Someone Who’s Lived in London for Two Months – VICE UK, November 2015

What Watching My Granddad Spiral Into Dementia Has Taught Me About Love and Loss – VICE UK, August 2015

We Asked These Oxbridge Students About Kanye West Before He Lectured Them Last Night – VICE UK, March 2015

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